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The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO is a wonderful place to go and I especially enjoy attending their once-monthly tripod hour. The first Saturday of each month, you can sign up to go an hour and fifteen minute prior to the time they open to the public and you're allowed to use a tripod (there just isn't room for a bunch of tripods during the regular, open-to-the-public hours). My friend Elizabeth loves to go there. In fact, she'd probably go every weekend if she could. We ended up going twice in early March - once for tripod hour and the following weekend for a mini meetup class on lighting. Sadly, the first weekend, my tripod broke and my other tripod was at home, so I was stuck with a monopod. I still got a few decent shots, but it's not so easy without those other two legs supporting the camera. I made very sure the good tripod was in my car for our second trip, however.

Without further ado, here are a few of the locals at the Butterfly Pavilion.

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