Thunderbirds - 2018 USAFA Graduation

Three years ago I went to a local meetup to shoot the Thunderbirds and I decided it was time to go again. The guy who leads this one has a fantastic spot and the owner of the land give him special permission to be there. So we don't have to worry about big crowds (well, until they start flying, then they just show up) so we're able to get a good spot without getting there too early. I rented a lens because my longest functioning focal length right now is 90mm. Not so great for shooting F-16s flying hundreds of miles an hour.

It was a good day for them to fly as well as a good day for photographs. I'm so glad that I joined the meetup group again. I think next on my bucket list would be to be inside the stadium and see the hat toss in conjunction with the fly over.

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